Campaign #2


Publishers Clearing House


Research, Email Design & Development, Landing Page Design


Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

Research & Mockup

STEP 1: Development Research & Sketch

Any campaign starts with an idea. The idea could've come from a brainstorming session or perhaps was inspired by a design or animation. Before I even started on a rough sketch and mockup, a lot of research had to be done regarding js, css, audio and video. After researching, I started on a basic sketch/mockup for the Landing Page.


STEP 2: Email Design & Development

The Email can make or break your campaign and be the difference between a high revenue generating digital marketing campaign and a low converting, low revenue one. A well-crafted Subject Line will boost your open rate. Throw in a fun and eye-catching design with a personalized experience and a great message and watch those CTR's exceed all projections.

Interactive Landing Page

STEP 3: Landing Page Design

Continuing from the email, users are presented with a Landing Page. While emails have design and development restrictions, LP’s have very few restrictions. Offering an interactive and engaging LP that is highly personalized with eye-catching animations and great rewards/offers will help users convert and continue down the ecommerce path. Desktop and Mobile counterpart developed for an optimized user experience leading to high conversions.

Re-engagement Evergage Lightbox Device

STEP 4: Desktop & Mobile Evergage Design

We all have busy lives and get inundated with emails daily. Hence the creation of the Re-engagement Evergage Lightbox Device. A fancy term but you cant forget this last step. Deployed to the PCH homepage, these popup devices targeted non-converted email users giving them a 2nd chance to convert and click thru to the LP. Desktop and mobile counterpart designed. These devices accounted for 25% of the overall revenue!

Analytics / Metrics / KPIs

STEP 5: Campaign Performance Analysis

You spent a lot of time researching, designing and developing, but the last step of the workflow process is the most important: Analyzing all Metrics and KPIs to determine the success or failure of the campaign. After analysis, this specific campaign was very successful. It landed #3 on our VIP Elite Hierarchy. We had significant lifts, exceeding Projected Revenue and Orders and combining with a high open rate and click-through rate contributed to a winning campaign.




Open Rate
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